"The sun reflected on her skin and it was as though she had a bath with the golden sun.The smoothness of her skin was unique like olive glittering and diamond in running waters".Her beauty was so captivating that every young man on my street  wants her for a purpose I don't know whether for a wife or a mistress.

     Her mum was always proud of her beauty and the zeal to show her off is never quenching.So she made sure each time she comes around from her institution of learning,they always go out together.Peers and friends envy her beauty and as for me,all I do is tender my soft request for additional beauty.

    However,the saying that goes thus "Beauty without character is futile"is visible in her endeavours as she exhibits irritable characters which made me come to the conclusion that the guys wooing her only wants her as their mistress.Because  left to me,I  can't figure out any attribute of a wife and mother in her.Though I am not bothered because she is a perfect picture of her mother;a woman full of pride,non- challant and domineering.Titilayo has no regard for anyone not even her mother.She screams at every word of advice from her mother and reminds her of her past;how she was unfaithful to her husband which led to their divorce.She always threatened to go to her father if her mum's inconveniency aggrevates.

   Visibly,as an undergraduate in the department of Agricultural Economics in one of the best universities in Nigeria and also a semi-finalist,life has always smiled at her .You would agree with me that as a young beautiful lady at age 23 who is an entrepreneur and also a shop owner in Nigeria,is worth celebrating.But unfortunately,she couldn't be celebrated but rather everyone was filled with the assumption that her wealth is not from a legitimate source.People felt that she acquired all she has through infidelity.

   Titilayo with all she has gotten,thinks she does not need a man in her life not because she does not want to contract her mother's plague of marriage but because she is picky and never ready to submit to authority.Her choice of a suitor goes thus;a tall,dark, handsome,cute,caring, loving and extremely rich.Neglecting the place of her creator as she is less concerned about his God fearing nature."He does not have a future...."she said to her friend who was an intermediary between a young man and herself.Since her definition for future is today.

Her mother's act of non-challancy was so obvious in her.Since all she wanted was what she got.Even if they say"life isn't a bed of roses", her's was a pot of affluence maybe because she aimed at things that were never life-impacting and the devil is at the peak to give her all she wanted inorder to add up to his kingdom.

Nevertheless,she is not all that bad.Her generosity is one of it's kind even if she would make reference to whatever she does.Especially when she tries to dominate you and you turn out to be stiff-necked.Apparently,you shouldn't wonder if a girl like Titilayo can be hardworking.Indeed she is hardworking in areas that would fetch her money.Household chores is out of it.I doubt if she can boil water without getting it burnt.She prefers sleeping to cooking even when hungry as if it will fill her.

    Her younger niece is shouldered with so many responsibilities as it happens that all the household chores are done by her.Bunmi thought she had seen it all until she finally gained admission into the university as of her aunt.It was a great opportunity for Titilayo to exhibit her domination and authority.I keep praying for Bunmi to be liberated from the snare.

As a bonafide Yoruba child living nextdoor,you don't need to ask me how I know this much about"My Next Door Neighbour".

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