The life is becoming more dramatic and conical. "Igi-Iwe"-Igi- tree- Iwe - book, is a vulgar lexicon among students,especially some students in the varieties(in Yoruba land to be precised).. Notable among them is Aaua Students..this phrase has been ingrained in their day-to-day utterance to their colleagues on campus.

This word is used to point out or say vividly in form of adulation that the referral is extremely brilliant,or otherwise ingenious. Though, this sometimes cause argy-bargy among them, yet the users will never halt using it..

It always follows "I never read, God!!, I will seat beside you". See sublime. Imagine that tough course which almost everybody doesn't comprehend. Students keep obsessing over the misfortune result they will encounter after examination because they partially understand the material or Pdf files sent to them. With the aid of a senior colleague,who promises to teach you will keep your adrenalin calm..

However, the explanation may not finicky and the course continues been under the cloud because of the airy-fairy approach which changes the claptrap. Examination is approaching and everyone accepts their fate, as they admit the axiomatic hardness of the course..

In the examination hall, while collecting your question paper, you will find out that, of course, the question are tougher than you expect and keep writing astray the answer.. Later you stop and wait for the worst to happen, then you hear a voice from behind " Your Friend Voice" who also claimed not to understand the course saying "excuse me sir!!, I need extra sheet". "Ahem!, as a normal person, you will be chagrined and go berserk to his/her attitude.

After exam, the friend will see you squinting his/her eyes and pouting, sometimes putting both hands on head as if he/she writes naught. Imagine he/she will be the first person to call you and say "Igi Iwe"-bookworm.. You don't shatter the exam. hmm, I wish I be like you cos I no write anything".

👉👉Aauites can make one go ballistic



                                              FATORIJI TADESE

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