The secret cults are the clandestine groups often found on campus.Nothing is know about their meeting, modus operandi and the association itself, unless unrivalled by renounced members. These cult group maim the students and savour unlawfully acts like one munch palatable food. The unlawful acts include but not limited to scouring causing fracas,emasculation,killing,rapping and other illicit acts.

They terrify the students on campus and even society at large members of these grpups are students who with effrontery,fight lecturers,beat fellow student,immolate any erring member among others on their own violation.these people descended not from heaven but, of course, they are sisters,brothers,uncles,aunts,nieces,nephew of the society.the first confraternity to be founded was the Pirates confraternity,also known as National Association Of Seadogs by professor Woke Soyinka.

This group,sincerely,was not like the contemporary cultist groups. It was founded principally to fight against moral decadance on campus,that was in 1952. In fact, they were registered under the school. They held in a high esteem tge virtue of moral behaviour. Admission into the group was stringent and based on interview with the aspiring member before being appraised as a member. They were the solicitor. They articulated for the interest of the member as well. Individuals must always dress neat on campus and must not fight on campus, they were good antecedant to the confraternities....

The buccaneers were the second confraternity to be founded. This was established by an ex-member of the pyrates confraternity which was excommunicated from the pirates. This,of course, did not tamper the well- behaved tenets of both confraternities. The buccaneers,like the pirates, in their admittance of membership,was strigent and procedures were well observed in admitting any member. They are also known as the National Association Of Buccaneers, BAN. Albert, not unleashing any venom on the society but they always play the second fiddle to the pyrates in some aspects..

The glory of discipline waned by the establishment of many confraternities,whose main aim is to disorganize the order prominents among them are the Black Axe,Vikings,Buccaneers, and unfortunately females are now part of the brutish groups, example is the Daughter of jezebel. They involve in inter-cult conflicts and this often result to death of innocent people who accidentally gound themselves in the cult fracas.

They are neither Muslims nor Christians. They worship devil. In the meeting place, there is a sculpture of a horned-goat head and this serve as the Satan,their role model. Not only that they are practising occultism but they also smoke hemp, popularly called "grass" among them. They drink alcohol,savour sex orgies with their obscene macabre dance, rounding the gunfire during their meeting.

They communicate in their esoteric jargon, some by whistling while others take one approach or the other. After drinking and smoking, they behave anyhow threatening the students on campus as it is a saying among them that "the more you drink and smoke,the smaller people becomes", so it will be easy for them to release the indiscriminate venom on the people.

These groups get membership by first, foisting student to join and second,telling friends of theirs and such proposal must be accepted else the appraised wants to lose his/her life. Nigeria universities,colleges,polytechnics and other higher institution of learning have been suffering from the activities of the cult groups. For instances, university of Lagos,lagos state university,university of uyo, university of ibadan, Oau,Futa,university of portharcoury among others are facing the threat of these cultist on their campuses.

Disseminating information about these groups as common as pig tracks among the news agencies in Nigeria. According to National Concord,1998, cultist threaten peace in Uyo university. The Guardian,1997, published a news concerning the situation of cultist in Unilag. News Nigeria "36 secret cult now exist in Nigeria higher institution. According to the news,over 146,000 members are now in the brutish groups and 63,000 of them have been employed to one industry or the other...................

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